How To Setup Recurring Invoices & Expenses in QuickBooks Online

Have you ever had to input the same entry month after month for the same customer or vendor? I know from experience it can be a real hassle.  Having said that, Intuit the makers of QuickBooks Online have eliminated that monotonous task in four easy steps.

Recurring Invoices

  1. For a specific customer, click Create Invoice next to the customer’s name and an Invoice Window pops up.
  2. Completing the invoice form is fairly straightforward. Choose the Customer
  3. Select the Invoice Date and Due Date
  4. Select the Product/Service
  5. Enter a Quantity
  6. Enter a Rate also known as price
  7. Select the appropriate Sales Tax Rate bookkeeper GTA, bookkeeping in the GTA

8.   Select Make Recurring located at the bottom of the screen

9.    Select Save template. The nice thing about this process is the invoice will be automatically generated on the same day each month that you assigned it.

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Recurring Expenses

In your business, you may have expenses that recur monthly like insurance, rent, utilities, etc. Instead of typing these expenses in every month, just like in recurring invoices, you can make this recurring as well.

This will save you the time in inputting the same information repeatedly. Everyone knows that time is money. This is especially true when doing your own books.

If you are a professional bookkeeper, anything to speed up the task is a good thing to know.  This will free up your time to work on another client’s file. I have found this method to be extremely helpful.

To create a recurring expense,

  1. Click the Create + menu
  2. Click Expense
  3. Select a Supplier
  4. Enter the  Date
  5. Select Payment Method
  6. Select an Account
  7. Write a Description
  8. Select the Sales Tax Rate
  9. Click Save and Closequickbooks online newmarket, quickbooks online in newmarket

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