Do You Feel You Pay Too Much Tax?

Getting a pro to do your income tax can save you lots of time and money, especially on taxes!

You want to pay less tax, don’t you?

When you get MRJ Financial Solutions to do your accounting or bookkeeping, we look at it from a tax point of view.

We work for YOU and that means looking for every deduction to help you keep more of what you earn.


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Here’s how we can help:

Keep more of what you earn. Missed deductions and other errors cost money and time – our bookkeepers are meticulous.

Continue to work, uninterrupted, by using our onsite services.

Reduce stress. One call will relieve the anxiety of preparing taxes and dealing with CRA.

Get a faster refund on your tax return.

Our bookkeepers are CRA Certified E-filers.

Our services are cost-effective. Get it done right, and for less.

We specialize in commissioned sales people and small businesses.

Some do-it-yourself-jobs save money. Bookkeeping isn’t one of them.

Call Us for a consultation on how our proven bookkeeping and tax preparation services can take a weight off your shoulders, and help manage all your business financials.

Payroll and Payroll Tax

There is no bigger challenge to small businesses than payroll. As a business owner, you would rather focus on keeping your customers happy, don’t you?

Payroll is something that you would want to give someone else to do, don’t you?

We offer payroll services so you don’t have to. Whether you pay employees by the hour or commission, MRJ financial solutions has you covered.

Call us today and see how we can take this big challenge away from you!

Mathew Jazenko

Tax Preparation

We know that getting prepared for filing taxes is a pain. You would rather spend time doing something else, wouldn’t you?

Take a load off your mind and give it to MRJ Financial Solutions to do.